Six in ten (60%) white working-class Americans say free trade agreements are mostly harmful, ahead of Trump's executive action to withdraw from TPP.
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Politics & Elections
More Christians See America’s Days as “Christian Nation” Behind Us
Just ahead of Donald Trump's presidential inauguration, PRRI assesses whether or not the public believes America is a "Christian nation."
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Politics & Elections
Ahead of Farewell Address, Obama’s Favorability Across the Country
In advance of President Obama's final address, PRRI looks at his favorability among Americans of varying racial, religious, and political stripes.
A year-end roundup of PRRI data spotlights findings that will likely shape political and civil discourse in 2017.
War on Christmas? A PRRI survey finds the public at odds over use of "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays," with stark partisan divides.
A PRRI/The Atlantic post-election poll casts light on the challenges Clinton faced in motivating supporters in the race's final weeks.
Donald Trump succeeded in capturing votes of white evangelicals, white Catholics, and Mormons, and he fared best in majority white Christian states.
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Politics & Elections
Polarizing Politics at Thanksgiving
Given the divisiveness of this year's presidential election, navigating politics at Thanksgiving dinner may prove complicated for many Americans.
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Politics & Elections
White Christians Side with Trump
Analysis of exit polls show the religion vote in the 2016 presidential election broke along strikingly familiar lines.
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Politics & Elections
Americans Weigh in on Marijuana, Minimum Wage, and Death Penalty
Americans weigh in on top ballot initiatives, including marijuana legalization, raising the minimum wage, and support for the death penalty.
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